Mario is a main character in gaming all stars and is one of the 8 main heroes.

Gaming all stars 1

S1 Ep1 Castle Invasion

Peach is waiting for Mario as a familiar green pipe comes up and out comes our familiar red plumber.

Mario and Peach go inside the castle when suddenly all 7 of the Koopalings attack them both and Mario fights them off along with a surprise visit from Kamek who Mario also easily defeats.

Then Ludwig and Morton the surviving Koopalings shoot a Bullet Bill at Peach taking her away,Mario then follows outside and sees his arch nemesis Bowser along with his son Bowser Jr in their airship along with Peach tied up.

Then Bowser orders a red Paratroopa to put a cage on Mario and does so, then the Koopa flies opposite to the airship taking Mario away from his love...

Gaming All-Stars 2 Edit

Mario appears in the first episode of Gaming All Stars 2 and helps the villager save a town from returning villain specter.