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Developer: Avalanche Software, Ritual Entertainment

Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Square Enix (Windows version only)

Origin Console: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360

First title: 25 to Life (January 17, 2006)

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25 to Life is a mutiplayer third-person shooter developed by Avalanche Software and published mostly by Eidos Interactive on various platforms.

Plot Summary Edit

Freeze and Shaun are two gang members from the 2nd Street D-Boys. The plot revolves around Freeze having to do 'one job' before leaving the the gang, but things soon prove more complicated than he thinks after the gang members he was supposed to deal with are found dead via the police courtesy of Officer Maria Mendoza. Also the 2nd Street D-Boys have also by this point realized he wants out, and are coming after him as well. Meanwhile the police come after Shaun, but through the ties of the traitorous Mendoza, Shaun dumps the gang and flees to Tijuana, where after breaking out of jail, Freeze comes after him for betraying him.

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