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02 is the true final boss of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and is implied to be the main villain of that game as well. 02 in general is heavily mysterious and will only manifest itself if all 74 shards in the game are collected. 02 is heavily implied to be the one controlling the Dark Matter causing the events of the the game and is also heavily implied to be a reincarnation of sorts of 0, the main villain of Kirby's Dream Land 3. Due to the proximity of 02's boss fight being so close to the cutscene that plays only when you collect 74 shards, which shows the newly-reformed Crystal blasting an extremely large amount of Dark Matter out of the Fairy Queen (knocking her unconscious), it is also a possibility that 02 was also possessing her the entire game as well.

In Gaming All-Stars & Gaming All-Stars Remastered Edit

02 appears in City Invasion interrupting Cole and Shang Tsung, who are about to fight, staging an attack on the city with hordes of Dark Matter, and apparently other Kirby enemies like Scarfies, and Bronto Burts. The Negativitron then shows up at the same time out of a portal and begins spawning random enemies and causing chaos. It is not know if 02 was in league with the Negativitron and was attacking the city alongside it or if the two just happened to attack the same place at the same time. Donkey Kong shows up on Doshin along side Falco and Boogerman then leaps at 02 punching it, 02 then in retaliation fires a beam from it's eye that takes down Donkey Kong, it is unknown if it was this or the G.U.N. nuke that trophified him. The Negativitron is then knocked on top of 02 by Lizzie and Doshin fighting, seemingly not on purpose. It is unknown if this killed 02 completely, but since G.U.N. nuked the city to stop the Dark Matter and Negativity Armies it is most likely dead either way.

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